Globus Toolkit

I have installed Globus Toolkit 4.0.8 on our host Ursaminor and on our cluster Titan using lots of updated and newly written scripts. This complex installation was the first one on a virtual machine and the first one on an up-to-date Linux ever successfully completed!

The Globus Alliance offers binary installers for out-dated Linux distributions only. For example, although the current version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is 6, only versions 3 and 4 are supported! So I have compiled the sources on the up-to-date Red Hat/Scientific Linux myself. There are several installation guides for older Linux distributions available. However, because a guide dealing with current distributions is missing I decided to write one.

Installation of Globus Toolkit 4.0.8 on Scientific Linux running virtually within VMware on openSUSE

GridWay Metascheduler

I have installed GridWay 5.8.1 with GridGateWay 1.0.4 on running as a virtual machine on our host Ursaminor. Here you can read in great detail about the installation and use of the metascheduler GridWay:


GridCopy (DGSI Data Staging)

Video: Staging with GridCopy for the DGSI-Project.

Information Provider

The following guide explains how to use Ganglia, MDS4 and GeoMaint:

Data Service

WebMDS is provided for following hosts:


The location is provided by GeoMaint for the following hosts: Their presentation on a dynamically created card of the resource providers (wait 3 minutes!) is based on Google Maps.

SFB 881: The Milky Way System

The origin of the Milky Way and fundamental issues connected with galaxy evolution are the focus of the Collaborative Research Center (Sonderforschungsbereich, SFB) 881 "The Milky Way System" at Heidelberg University. Currently my job is the creation of the project homepage:

Grid Nine Men's Morris

In the programming language Java I have written a special version of the ancient game Nine Men's Morris (also known as Mill, Mills, Merels, Merelles). The calculation speed of the artificial intelligence algorithm can be improved using the Grid.