Installation of GridWay 5.8.1 and GridGateWay 1.0.4


The following guides are available:


All necessary tests for three hosts (,, are described following. If you like to use more hosts, use  AstroGridTest ( SVN  PDF) for testing.

Regardless of the method: Use hosts for GridWay, only, if they have passed all tests!

Pre-WS Tests

Authentication Test

Submission Test

File Transfer Test

WS Tests

Submission Test

Information Retrieval Test

Debug Test

Hint: OK, if there is no output!

Add User GridWay

Install GridWay


Complete Universal User Profile

For sh-style shells (sh, ksh, ash, bash):

For csh-style shells (csh, tcsh):

Hint: Script gets run for each new shell.


Compile and Install

Check Files

GridWay MADs

MDS2 (gw_im_mad_mds2)

MDS4 (gw_im_mad_mds4)

GRAM2 (gw_em_mad_gram2)

GRAM4 (gw_em_mad_gram4)

Hint 1: After compilation gw_em_mad_gram4.jar gets copied to $GW_LOCATION/lib/. Without any internal change gets copied to $GW_LOCATION/bin/ as gw_em_mad_gram4!

Hint 2: In older versions Gw_em_mad_gram4 was GW_mad_ws, gw_mad was gw_mad_ws, gw_em_mad_gram4.jar was gw_em_mad_ws.jar and Gw_em_mad_gram4 was GW_mad_ws!

GridFTP (gw_tm_mad_ftp)

Check Files

Set Sudo

Hint: Sudoers allow particular users to run various commands as the root user without needing the root password.

Set Up GridWay

Hint: Never run gwd as root!

Get Version

Test Run

Edit gwd.conf

Final Run

After a few seconds:

After a few minutes:





Watch Log Files

Hint: The files sched.log and gwd.log can get huge. Restart of the GridWay daemon helps!

Stop GridWay Daemon

Remove Lock File

Exclude Problematic Hosts

Restart GridWay Daemon

Install GridGateWay


Login as User "globus"

Install Grid Packaging Tools

Unpack GridGateWay

Setup Environment

Compile and Install

Set Sudo and Restart Globus Container



¹) available at

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Klaus Rieger