Setting up Globus Toolkit 4.0.8 Security Infrastructure


The following guides are available:

Hint: All documentations are totally outdated!

Provide Folders and Files

Set Folder and Owner

Download Files Externally and Copy Them to Virtual Host


Shell script for certificate conversion:

Hint: Only necessary if you like to convert host certificate using script.

Gridadmin package:

Install Gridadmin Package

Install Certificates

Install Simple CA

Hint: For the following steps there are two possibilities to achieve the same: Convert host certificate with or without script!

Convert Host Certificate using Script

Convert Host Certificate without Script

Install Host Certificate

Install Certification Authority Certificates

Revocation Lists

Install International Grid Trust Federation (IGTF)


No need to do manually, because done regularly by cron job!

Check if List is Up-To-Date:

Create Users

Create Gridmap File

To add a user not part of  AstroGrid-D (for example /C=CN/O=HEP/O=NAOC/OU=CIC/CN=Chenzhou Cui), add manually:

Hint: Use every "agrid..." only once!

Setup Universal User Profile

For sh-style shells (sh, ksh, ash, bash):

For csh-style shells (csh, tcsh):

Hint: Script gets run for each new shell.

Add Group

Add Users

Further Configuration

Configure Extended Internet Daemon

Hint: Don't try to change the directories—it doesn't work! You have to use symbolic links!

Configure and Start XInetD

Configure and Start GsiSshD


External Test

Use another Shell for this external test:

Hint: Switch back to the shell used previously.

Internal Test

Following checks are only necessary if the external test has failed.

Prepare and Start Globus Container

Configure PostgreSQL

Check PostgreSQL

Set Sudo

Hint: Sudoers allow particular users to run various commands as the root user without needing the root password.

Start Globus Container

In case of

Starting GLOBUS-Container                                  [FAILED]

take a look at $GLOBUS_LOCATION/var/container.log. In case of

Starting GLOBUS-Container                                  [OK]

everything is fine — Congratulation !!!

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