Installation of GridWay 5.6.1


The following guides are available:


All necessary tests for three hosts (,, are described following. If you like to use more hosts, use  AstroGridTest ( SVN  PDF) for testing.

Regardless of the method: Use hosts for GridWay, only, if they have passed all tests!

Pre-WS Tests

Authorization Test

Submission Test

File Transfer Test

WS Tests

Submission Test

Information Retrieval Test

Debug Test

Hint: OK, if there is no output!

Add User GridWay

Hint: On Mintaka not necessary, because user "gwadmin" already exists!

Install GridWay


Complete Universal User Profile

Hint: On Mintaka not available and not necessary, because variables already set!


Compile and Install

Check Files

Set Sudo

Hint: Sudoers allow particular users to run various commands as the root user without needing the root password.

Set Up GridWay

Get version

Hint: Never run gwd as root!

Get Version

Test Run

Edit gwd.conf

Final Run

After a few seconds:

After a few minutes:





Watch log files

Stop GridWay daemon

Remove lock file

Exclude problematic hosts

Restart GridWay Daemon

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Klaus Rieger